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Temporary Peelable Protective Skins

  • Window/glass protection
  • Tile and flooring protection
  • Bath tubs, showers and screen protection
  • Multi surface protection

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Many surfaces are damaged during the construction or restoration process. Whether this be concrete splashed onto the windows, paint or plaster dripping onto kitchen bench tops, shower trays, baths, vanities or simply scratches appearing from the many tradesmen and their tools. The list for potential damage goes on.

It is also a lengthy and expensive process to fix, especially if this occurs near the end of the building process, and can be further amplified if your insurance company refuses to cover the damage.

We have a solution.

Here at Protecta Coatings, we are approved applicators in this revolutionary new silicon based product. We apply the product of which there are two, depending on the surface to be protected. We then return at a later date to peel off the skin protection that has formed.

Both products dry to form a protective peelable skin, with the window protection lasting up to 12 months outside due to the product being invisible to UV radiation. Our approved and trained product applicators guarantee that it will be applied correctly the first time, giving you peace of mind that the surface is protected as best as possible.

Application is a two step process.


Approved applicator/s will arrive on site to check the surfaces for any pre-existing damage. Once this has taken place the application process begins, most jobs can be completed in the day but obviously this depends on the size of the job undertaken. Once application is complete a post application check is made ensuring maximum protection has taken place.



Nearer the end of the construction process a return to site is made by our trained applicators to remove and dispose of the protective skins. At the same time all surfaces are checked. This leaves your protected surface looking as though it has just turned up from the factory, helping enhance the finished product for the newly awaiting owners.

Visit the Protective Skins website directly for more information about this amazing product!