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Concrete Floor Painting & Sealing

  • Residential garage floors
  • Small work shop floors
  • Hangar floors

So you’re interested in painting your concrete floor?

Whether it be a residential garage, an aircraft hangar, or small workshop, you will not be disappointed in the added benefits of painting your floor.

Garage Floors have quickly become one of the most sought after home improvements making it feel like another room in your home. Concrete dust will be a thing of the past, spills of any kind can be easily wiped up with a cloth, dropped tools or the smallest nut and bolt are more easily located, not to mention the aesthetics of having your floor painted.

Below we explain our superior processes that enable us to deliver an outstanding finish with results that last.

STEP ONE – Surface Preparation

This is by far the most integral part of painting a concrete floor – we cannot stress this enough. Our preparation methods are far superior to the old fashioned way involving acid. We guarantee no corners are cut during any aspect of our work to ensure a lasting floor.

Most people are unaware that the surface must be prepared correctly to give maximum adhesion and a superior floor finish. Remember, you are likely to park a vehicle on this floor, and is the one floor in your house that is subjected to the most abuse.

There are two ways to prepare a concrete floor for painting: Acid etching or Diamond Grinding.
Here at Protecta Coatings, we have invested in top-of-the-line equipment to do the job right, the first time. We etch your entire floor with one of our Diamond Grinding Machines. Our Diamond Grinders remove the top layer from your floor, along with tyre residue or other contaminants that can cause a floor coating to fail. Most importantly, it opens up the pores of the concrete and allows the base coat to penetrate the surface and bind the paint to your concrete floor.

This is just as important on new concrete as it is on older concrete floors. My wife likens it to microdermabrasion for your face (what ever that is) but for your floor. To enhance this process further, we run a full industrial extraction system which removes 90% of the dust caused during the Diamond Grinding process.

Diamond Grinding is far superior to the acid etching way of preparing floors for painting. Diamond Grinding gives more control allowing for a consistent etch. This ensures maximum adhesion, strength and longevity. Our NO ACID approach eliminates the potential hazards such as stained driveways (from hosing the floor to rid the acid) and of paint lifting to uneven etching. We believe Diamond Grinding is the only way to go.

STEP TWO – Base Coat

The surface is vacuumed for any residual dust, and throughly checked to ensure a consistent etch. The first coat of industrial floor paint in a colour of your choice is applied and left to adhere to newly opened concrete pores. The floor product we use has been tested by us personally to see if it can stand up to the punishment that you would expect a garage floor to take. This product is so good it has been used in both industrial workshops and aircraft hangar floors.


A second coat is applied, to seal in the work the first coat has done adhering to the concrete. This is left to cure and the job is now complete. However, some people have requested a third coat (at additional cost) and this is sometimes recommended where the floor may be subjected to greater traffic compared to a domestic garage floor for example.

STEP FOUR – The Finished Product

You can now enjoy all the added benefits of having your floor painted: no more concrete dust, no more oil stains, you can wipe most chemicals off with a cloth, and enjoy the overall finish and look of your newly transformed floor.