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Concrete Crack Injection & Repairs

  • Floor cracks
  • Pot holes
  • Surface delamination

Throughout their lives, concrete floors are subjected to temperature changes, ground movement and excessive loads which causes the concrete to move and can ultimatley result in cracking. There may also be general imperfections that may have been caused during the building process.

At Protecta Coatings we use a number of specialised products to repair these imperfections as part of our floor preparation processes. Combine this with our floor painting system and you will have a seamless and impressive finish to your garage, workshop or hangar floor.

Our process below ensures the best fix and appearance possible.

STEP ONE – Crack Grinding

Using our Diamond Grinders, we grind the crack to ensure we open up new pores on the crack side walls allowing better adhesion of the Epoxy Resins. Dust is not an issue as our grinders are connected to our industrial extraction system. The crack is then inspected and cleaned in preparation for repair.

Ground-out crack


Other imperfections in your floor such as pot holes, delaminations and so on are throughly prepared and cleaned before repairs are made.


STEP TWO – The Repair

Different concrete menders are used depending on the job. Cracks are injected and other imperfections, such as delamination or pot holes, are also filled slightly above floor level, then left to cure. It is then grinded to match the level of the existing floor. It is important to note that concrete menders will never match the existing colour of natural concrete and this is where our floor painting system comes in.

Delamination – After

Crack – After

By taking it one step further and painting your floor, you are ensuring a uniform finish which will cover or hide all crack and imperfection repairs. As well as many other benefits, you will have a beautiful floor that will last.